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Watermelon Bandana Medium


Small –      15″ x 15″ with  21″ diagonal (fits dogs 8-15 lbs)

Medium –  18″ x 18″ with 25″ diagonal   (fits dogs 15-35 lbs)

Large –      21″ x 21″ with 29″ diagonal  (fits dogs 35-60 lbs)

X-Large –   24″ x 24″ with 33″ diagonal   (fits dogs over 60 lbs)

NOTE:  Always give yourself a little wiggle room in your measurements + a few inches on each end for the knot!


Our Dog Bandana is handmade in the USA by Paisley Paw Designs.   Bandana has a flexible, comfortable neck area and is cut into a triangle shape for less bulk. Our Bandanas are made with quality fabrics using designer prints and sewn for durability.

If you need a different size just let us know and we can order it for you!