1st Blog Ever!

Here it goes…. I am writing my 1st ever blog for my little dog & co!
I have resisted social media up until this point…not bad!
I now have a face book business page, a business IG account & an IG account for Rocco & Sebastian.
Every morning I work on my posts and to be honest… I really enjoy it!
Now… I have a blog!
Like everyone visiting this website, I love my dogs!
“my little dog & co. or otherwise known as mld & co” is a pet boutique located in Troy, NY. We are not your typical “pet store”, we have unique quality goods that are made in the USA and also crafted by Artisans around the world. I may not have a large quantity of any one particular item and that is so that your pup or cat will be fashionably unique!
We support companies that are socially good, eco-friendly, that are environmentally conscious and just do good!
We hope, if you are local, that you will stop in our boutique located at 264 North Greenbush Road, Troy, NY so that you can have a very unique shopping experience.
Most of the time you will be “greeted” by Rocco, the CEO, & Sebastian, the CFO of mld & co. These two awesome pups are the inspiration for this boutique!
My blog posts will have tips, will share facts, funny stories, feel good stories, or maybe just a quote!
I would love to hear feedback and have you share your stories too!
That’s what it’s all about… pet lovers learning, sharing and having fun xoxo.
2021 is a new year and can only be better than 2020…. There is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.
I think most of you would agree that our four-legged companions provided much needed comfort and support.
It’s been a very difficult time and honestly for those lucky enough to have a dog, cat or any pet for that matter it
helped get us through a very tough year. Thank Goodness for our faithful companions!!
Quick question… how many are guilty of having more photos of your BFF than of you and your significant other right now… lol ??!!